Wednesday, August 04, 2004

We spent the weekend on starting to layout and level walks and patios around the house. We are using landscape timbers for the frame and then filling them with roadbase, a rock/sand mixture that packs down and forms a hard base, then we will put fancy rock on top. Between the walks and the trailer, we are planning on planting beds for flowers and cacti. I posted pics of what we have done to the gallery.

I also worked on the bird garden a bit, hauling more of the debris away and dug a hole to put the birdbath in. I'm doing an in ground birdbath as a lot of the birds here are ground birds. I'm using a large terra cotta saucer for a flower pot as the birdbath, sinking it into the ground and putting rocks in and around it, to make it look like a small seep. I will be putting some roadbase in the hole under it, as that will prevent it from sinking into the ground.

I recieved a package from a friend this weekend with yarn for socks for my SO. He has picked out the one he wants me to start with and wants them long enough to wear under his workboots for this winter. I need to get to work on them, as I have enough yarn for 5 pairs and he wears a men's size 12 shoe, with the leg needing to be 6" above the heel. That is a lot of knitting with fingering weight yarn, but he is well worth the work. :)

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