Saturday, August 30, 2008


Well, with all the work I have to do to move. I decided that I don't have time or the ability to work on my lace right now, so packed up all my projects and will pull them out after we get moved. I have about 30 days to finish packing and getting ready for it. That includes running all over town, making phone calls...all the normal stuff that has to be done because we are our own general contractors. I have to make sure that permits are gotten, the work is done on time and passes inspection, that the physical address is assigned after the utilities are in. Then have to get that information over to the manufactured home dealership, so that they know where the house is going. I still have to get a map drawn of how to get to the property for them.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

New Project

MMario posted a new pattern for us to test knit on Friday, 8/8/08. It is the Benden WeyrHold Shawl, designed for fingering to sport weight yarn. Since I didn't have any yarn of that weight with enough yardage to knit the shawl in, I plied up some 2/19 into 6/19 yarn (that is three strands of the original yarn plied together), that gave me a light fingering weight yarn for it. I cast on this morning and am already up to row 8 in just a short time. I'll be taking this one with me for some short trips.

I have about 150 rows left on Mystic Waters and still slowly working my way through Mystic Meadows. They are both getting knitting time, just not as much as I would like with organizing my craft stuff and packing away anything that isn't needed for what I have on the needles or planned to go on the needles in the next month.

As for KAL's, I'm signed up for two and waiting on the start date of the next one in the Mystic Element series. Tomorrow, 8/15/08, the Secret of the Stole III starts. I am going to use some 2/28 NM 100% silk with some silver-lined alabaster beads for it. Mystery Stole 4 starts on 9/5/08 and I will be using some 2/28 NM 70% merino/20% silk/10% cashmere yarn with the silver-lined alabaster beads for it.

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Updates on my Christmas Knitting

Well, with the heat I had to put Vkandis away for a bit. He was just getting to big and heavy to have in my lap in 90+ temps. Will pull him out when it starts to cool down again. I'm on Chart 9 out of the 14, so have made some progress since my last post about him.

Mystic Waters is coming along, realized that there are 9 charts not the 7 I originally thought there were. I have finished three of them and just started the fourth. I had a minor problem, not knowing what the finished shawl looked like, I had to stop and ask for help on row 185, but found out that it was correct and was able to continue.

Mystic Meadows is coming along slowly. I'm on row 67 out of 425. I finally got some pics of the yarn and the first part of it.

I'm going to use the merino/silk/cashmere yarn that I got for my b-day for the MS4 KAL. I have some silver-lined alabaster beads in size 8/0 that will work for it.

Friday, August 01, 2008

Birthday Presents!!

My hubby let let me order some yarn from ColourmartUK two weeks ago that was supposed to be my b-day present from him. :)The yarn is 2/28 NM 70% merino/20% silk/10% cashmere in the topaz colorway. Don't know what I'm going to make out of it yet.

Then I got a call from him at the beginning of the week, his mother was sending me money for my b-day, lots of money, at least to me. So I got to order WHAT I wanted for my b-day present from her. What I ordered was a Strauch Finest drum carder with all the tools and a Kromski Symphony spinning wheel with all the whorls, an extra bobbin (for a total of 4), the lazy kate and everything else that comes with it in mahogany, it came with a pound of corridale and I ordered an extra pound of it to practice with. :) I'll post pics when I get everything.