Monday, April 09, 2007

The shawl is on hold until I can get more size 13 circular needles. I'm still plugging away at my sock, got 2 1/2 rows done on the heel flap yesterday. I need to work on it more and get it done. I'm still spinning up the merino as something to do while waiting to get my other fiber processed.

We were given last year's shearing from a ram, about 10-15 pounds of raw unwashed wool to have. I have also been washing up all the other fiber that I've had laying around for awhile. A friend is going to process it for me in trade for some of it. I'll be sending her, wool, mohair, silk, alpaca/llama, angora and camel.

I have a new website for my farm, Check it out. Anything about the farm will be posted on there from now on. There is a blog for it as well. When the fiber is all processed, I will be posting any for sale on that site.