Sunday, December 04, 2005

Here it is December and I haven't been able to post like I want. So here are updates on all the projects I had on the needles and have started since the last time I posted.

I finally finished the poncho! It took 3 months to knit but is done and ready to go to my granddaughter. I hope she likes it.

Jesse's socks are on hold until he gets time to try them on, so that I can make sure that they fit. He isn't living here at now, as he got a job in another town and can only come over on his day off.

I knitted 3 pairs of slippers this past week. One for me, out of WoolEase Chunky in the charcoal colorway, one for Jenny out of WoolEase Chunky in Walnut with charcoal toes and the third pair was for Sandy out of some Red Heart worsted weight.

I'm trying to work on socks for Bob, but don't feel that good so not getting that far on them. These will be 8" high, so that he can wear them in his work boots. Trying to decide if I want to rib the whole sock or just 3" at the top.

Sunday, August 21, 2005

Here are the pics of the flood. The one on the left is looking out the living room windows. The one on the right is looking towards the "park", which we are still working on. There is a pond this side of the orange bucket

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

I went to Unravel Yarn Shop and Gallery in Las Cruces on Friday. I spent 4 hours there, looking at yarn, fiber and talking to the owners. Bob got me some sock yarn and Jenny some yarn for a poncho. I also bought a lucet with part of my b-day money from my MIL.

While I was there I worked on my "Grab and Go Bag." It is a bag that I designed myself, I wanted something that I could carry a small project in and my wallet, sunglasses, keys and cellphone in. Most of the bag patterns didn't have what I wanted, so I decided to design one that did. Right now the pattern is being test knitted by some friends, when that is done it will be for sale.

On Friday while we were out of town, they got RAIN here. Our yard was flooded and you could hardly see the wet pond. I'll post pics of the flood when I find where they are on the puter.

I have been working on the "park" some more. We decided to make it a dry creek, so that when it rains there will be some place for the water to go. We added more plants to the area and decided where we want grass to be. I have to add some more dirt to finish building up some areas and contouring the land so the water runs where we want it to. We added two dry ponds to the end of the creek as catch basins. Got a water lily for the wet pond at the head of the dry creek.

Sunday, July 31, 2005

I have been busy doing yard work, so haven't had time to update my blog. I frogged Jesse's socks, they just weren't working. Restarted them 3 times and gave up, will work on them again later. I did knit myself a pair out of the yarn I got from Wonderland Dyeworks. It is the Peacock colorway and I used a simple lace pattern. They turned out nice. I then knit my oldest DD, Sandy, a pair out of some Cascade Sassy Stripe yarn in purples. They are simple stockinette stitch, which is what she wanted.

I am working on trying to design myself a spindle carrier, so that I can take my spindles with me when I go on trips. I like going to Las Cruces when Bob goes over to get supplies for the yard and house.

Right now we are working on making one area to the south of the house into a small park, with benches, a pond and either a dry creek bed or a actual stream that goes from the upper pond to a lower one then the water would be pumped back to the upper pond.

Wednesday, July 06, 2005

I haven't updated my blog in a long time, because I haven't been doing anything with my crafts. I did make stuff for the family for Christmas. Then I started a pair of mittens for Bob and socks for Jesse, but they got set aside when I kept making mistakes. I just picked up the mittens the other day and got the hand part done, just have the thumbs left to do. Now to pick up the socks and get them going again.

I want to work on spinning up the fiber for my shawl, so that I can get it knitted before winter. It is some I got in a trade with Alice of Wonderland Dye Works. It is one pound of Cormo in the Spring colorway. I am planning on using a pattern that I found on the internet for it. I have 2 ounces spun, so it will take me awhile to get it all spun. I will update the amount spun as I get it done.