Wednesday, March 29, 2006

I'm working on another pair of cabled socks for Bob, since he liked the way the Knitting Olympic pair fit. I'm planning on using Serpentine Cables from Barbara Walker's _A Treasury of Knitting Patterns_, the first treasury book. It is an all over cable, so I am having to swatch it in the round to see how to handle the cable crossings that occur at the joining of the rounds. I'm not using the yarn that the socks are going to be made out of, as I already had the ribbing done for the first sock, before I realized that I may have problems with the all over cable pattern. So, I am using some Katia Mississippi 3 that I was given and have fallen in love with it. I didn't think that I would like a cotton/acrylic blend yarn as much as I do this, but it has a nice stitch definition and is easy to work with. I would love enough to make a top out of.

I have a design for a summer top that I am working on, it would be a short sleeve lace top to wear over a camisole. I will be posting more on it when I get further along on the design. I just started to come up with it yesterday while working on the cable swatch.

Friday, March 10, 2006

I finished the second sock of my Knitting Olympic pair last night. We have been having high winds most of the week, so have had more time to knit. The winds have been steady at 35 mph and gusting up to 50 mph. We are expecting more of the same today. :(

On Tuesday, my daughter, Jenny, and I dug up and redid the daylily bed. This was the first bed that we planted and never got any thing added to the soil to help make it rich. We dug all the plants out, except for the two roses and the Dutch iris. Then we added six bags of topsoil, one bag of composted mulch and a cubic foot of peat moss and tilled it all in. Then we added some large rocks as decoration, to add shade and act as wind breaks for some of the small plants. We then replanted all the plants back into the bed. It looks real nice and I'm hoping that everything survives, since the temps dropped and the winds came up after that.

Sunday, March 05, 2006

I am still working on sock two of my Knitting Olympic pair. :( I have the leg done, the heel is turned and the gusset decreases are done, so now it is just working my way down the foot. I had a family emergency come up the last week of them, so didn't have time to knit. I will continue working on this sock during my free time, but spring has come and the yard is calling.

This past week we designed and made another bed. It was supposed to be for wildflowers and plants to attract the birds, humming birds and butterflies...but ended up with roses in it instead. Now we are in the process of designing two more beds, hopefully one of them will end up being for the birds and wildlife.