Monday, June 23, 2008


I finally got a chance to take pictures.

First there is Mystic Waters:
This is at the end of Chart A, there are a total of 8 charts for it.

Then there is Vkandis Sunlord:
This is just a small section of Vkandis, as he is to big to spread out on my needles anymore. I'm working on chart 7 out of 14, plus there is an optional knitted on border which I'm planning on doing.

Then Mystic Light:
I finished this one, but it isn't blocked yet, due to not having blocking wires. It is out of Berroco Comfort Sock a 50% acrylic/50% nylon yarn. I love the way it worked up and feels. I will have to steam block it when I get the blocking wires.

Then my scarf:
This is out of Paton's SWS, that I got while out with my dh. He bought me two skeins of it and I'll have to get a third to finish the scarf. This section is 20" long using one skein. I want to make the scarf 60" long. I'll get a solid color and put that in between the two skeins I have of the stripes.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

New things and updates on ongoing projects

I started a new project today and joined a new KAL. The KAL is "Seasons of Lace." This is a KAL where you choose the pattern(s) that you want to knit with the yarn(s) you want to use. There will be prizes given out for different things, during the KAL. It runs from June 21 to September 21, 2008 for the Summer season, then there will be a winter season. Next year they are hoping to do all four seasons.

The new project is "Mystic Waters" a triangular shawl by Anna Dalvi. I'm using some 6/2 weaver's cotton in Ultramarine blue on size 4US needles for it. This will be either a b-day or Christmas present for my oldest dd. She loves the pattern and choose the yarn for it.

The scarf out of the Paton's SWS is on hold until I can get the extra skein of yarn for it. I am getting about 20" out of a skein of yarn and want it about 60" long. With the length I'm getting out of one skein, I know that I'll need a total of three and I only bought two. I got two of the stripes, so will pick up a solid to match and use that for the middle of the scarf, with the stripes at the ends.

Vkandis is up to row 134. I did one row today...took me most of the day to do that, as I was having problems concentrating on it. I'll do the plain row tomorrow and try to get pics of one section to show how it is turning out with the beads.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Vkandis Sunlord, Mystic Light and other things

I finished Mystic Light last week!! Now all I have to do is wash and block it after I get home. I'll take pictures then, since I forgot the camera. :(

I'm up to the second half of chart 6 where I'll have three diamonds across each section. I'm loving the way it looks. I'll have to buy more beads to complete it, but my dh doesn't mind that.

While we were sitting in Sheyboygan, WI, we went to a Micheal's and there I saw the Paton's SWS for the first time. I loved the look, feel and colors of it, so got two skeins. I didn't realize at the time that it was aran weight, as I didn't really pay attention to the gauge of it. :( I have since found that out and decided that it would make me a nice scarf. I'll have to get one more skein of it to have enough, but that is ok.