Saturday, June 20, 2009

Another Update

It has been even longer this time...well here goes.

The last two does kidded finally. Amber had a beautiful little buckling, Dustdevil, on May 15th and Diva had a beautiful little doeling, St. Helen, on May 18th.

From Nigoras

St. Helen
From Nigoras

I've been working on three shawls, all MMario designs. Talia in blue 6/2 weaver's cotton for my oldest dd, Hawkbrother in some chocolate corrie/shetland hand spun and Half Hap in a mixture of different small skeins of hand spun. I'm enjoying all three of them, as each is a different shape and texture.

We finally got all the fencing done for the main perimeter fence, so the boys are able to browse all day, the does are still locked up in a smaller area, until I can run a cross fence to give them a separate area. We built a chicken coop and got six Americuna chicks, six Barred Rock chicks and two Bronze turkey poults to raise.

Still waiting on the extra goats and sheep to be brought down from their breeder's place, she has been really busy with work and family matters. Today she asked if I would be willing to take a different doe than the one I was supposed to get and I said yes I was. The new doe is out of different bloodlines, a direct descendant of one of the top Navajo Angora bucks and does on her mom's side and out of a really nice colored angora buck, so really is an upgrade for me. She is only a year old, compared to the one she is replacing who is three years old and daughter to the other doe.