Sunday, November 12, 2006

Well, I'm almost done with the leg of the second sock out of the gray B&L, but got sidetracked by Billy wanting a pair of fingerless gloves to wear while playing on the computer or gamecube. I had some handspun yarn that called out to be made into them, then I had to find a pattern that would work with the yarn. Found that and I'm almost to the fingers on the first glove :) I'm hoping to get them done quickly as he really wants them. He has never asked me to knit him something before, so these are special.
From Finished Proj...

On the Christmas ornament front, I have 4 more bells to make, a thread tree skirt for the small tree that will go on the dinigroom table and I need to cut out the pieces for the plastic canvas angel, so Jenny can start stitching it up. Jenny has less than 4 rows left on the main tree skirt. So it looks like we will make our deadline of having everything ready for Thanksgiving weekend.

Got the main part of the front weeded, there are some small weeds still, but everything has been weeded at least once since I started after the rains slowed down. I got the newest bed filled in and planted 20 canna lilies in it, they wil be the backdrop for what ever we decide to plant in there in the spring. They should get nice and tall here, since we are far enough south so that I can leave them in the ground all year. I still have 10 more to find a place for, so have to work on that this week.

Sunday, November 05, 2006

I got the first sock done, it turned out to long in the foot, but fits Jenny, so she gets this pair. They fit everywhere else, so I will follow the same stitch/row gauge for the next pair, but make the foot shorter. She is working on a pair that is to tight around for her, but fits me, so I get them. They are short summer socks, so will have to put them away for now.

Billy and I got the driveway cleared! Here are pics of the driveway. The first one is looking north along it, the second is looking south along it. The white building is our well house.
Jenny has been helping me on the flowerbed, it is almost done. Then I have to plant the 30 canna lilies I got from a friend. They will be spread out through all 4 of the main beds and I might have to put some up in one of the beds by the house.

I'm still working on Christmas decorations, 71 thread snowflakes, 5 yarn snowflakes and 8 bells done. Still have at least 10 more bells and more yarn snowflakes to do, maybe more thread snowflakes as well. Thinking about some origami cranes to go on the tree, have to talk to Bob about that.