Friday, August 06, 2004

I was working on the Dumb Baby Sweater and discovered I had made several major mistakes. :( I was getting frustrated with it already and that just made me decide to rip it all out and do something else with the yarn. I decided to do another Evolved Sweater with it, with the pink as the main color and stripes of cream and green in the body and then half the front in cream, the other half in green and the back in pink. I'll see how this works and post pics as soon as I get it done.

We are slowly getting the walks and patios laid out and filled in. The ground is uneven, so we are having to use fill to even it out before we put down the road base. Once that is in and packed, it will be easier to keep the house cleaner as we won't be tracking in so much mud. I put my swing back in place this morning, now to just put the landscape timbers in place and fill in the low spots, so I can get the roadbase around it.

We have decided to put a trellis wall along the south side of the trailer with climbing plants on it just outside of the walk. That will give some shade to that side of the trailer and help to keep it cooler. We have Yellow Trumpet Vine and Bougainvilea to go on it and want to get Honeysuckle. They are all plants that will attract hummingbirds and butterflies. I will also put a hummingbird feeder at the back end of it so that it will not be able to be seen from where the other one is.

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