Monday, December 31, 2007

I ended up moving my site to Yahoo...not really happy about that, but it is better than where my ISP wanted it moved to. So the link to the Stormy Morning Shawl has been changed as well. It is now here. I am hoping to get a domain name and have it hosted soon, so things will settle down. I hope everyone will just bare with me during the transition time.

I also posted the pattern for the Dragon Scale Gloves on my site. They are turning out really nice and I already have a request to make one of Billy's friends a pair.
I cast on and knitted the hands for Bob's mittens, but didn't have enough yarn to do the thumbs. I will be spinning up some mohair to do them in. I'll be using fiber from my buck, Hawkeye, as it is as soft as the yarn the mittens are knitted in is and will be a blend of white and gray.

Thursday, December 27, 2007

I have finally gotten the pattern for the Stormy Morning Shawl written!! This is a shawl that is designed for chunky to bulky weight yarn, so that it is nice and warm. It is an easy pattern and makes a modified triangle shawl. This is what the shawl looks like unblocked and a close up of the lace border. The pattern is here.

I uploaded a corrected version of the pattern on 12/30/2007.

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Well...I didn't finish my Christmas knitting :( I got Sandy's shawl and wristwarmers done, Jenny's wristwarmers done, but didn't finish her shawl, still had the thumb to do on the FIRST glove for Billy and didn't even get started on Bob's stuff. :( They are all understanding about it and willing to wait for me to get everything knitted.

As for what I got for 8 gig MP3 player made by RCA, the sheep needle sizer from The Bellwether, the movie "Paint Your Wagon", and a fannypack. Plus chocolate in my stocking. :) Not much, but all things I wanted and can use.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

I got Jenny's wristwarmers done today, now to wash them and put them away for Christmas. I also got the lifeline in the Dracula's Bride shawl and took pics of it. Here is one showing what I have done on it.

The Secret of Chrysopolis got put on hold while I do Christmas knitting, but I did get some pictures of it. This one shows the progress I made before I had to put it on hold.

For Sandy, I designed and knitted a shawl out of bulky hand spun merino and knitted her a pair of lace wristwarmers. Jenny is getting a pair of the lace wristwarmers out of hand spun shetland and if I can get it done, a "Dracula's Bride" shawl.

Billy is getting a pair of Dragon Scale gloves (a pattern that I am designing). Bob will be getting a chullo hat made out of hand spun mohair from our goats.

Sunday, December 09, 2007

Well, I finally got the Secret of Chrysopolis cast on this past week. I am up to row 60 and it is turning out very nicely. I am using ColourmartUK 2/28 NM 100% silk in Blush for it on size 2 needles.

Today I cast on Dracula's Bride. I'm using some 6/2 cotton in orange for it, on size 4 needles, with beads that almost exactly match the yarn color, but with a bit of sparkle. I'm up to row 15 of the first clue already. This is a project that my daughter wanted to do then found out it was to difficult for her to knit. I offered to do it as I love knitting lace and challenging myself.
Well...I had a couple of changes to my to do for Christmas list. The younger daughter is getting a hand knit shawl, but out of some cotton yarn by a pattern she signed up for and found out it was way over her head. My son's gloves will be out of some hand spun yarn that a friend gave me a few years ago, he has one pair out of it that he calls his "gaming" gloves as they have no fingertips. This pair will have fingertips, to keep his hands warm while outside doing chores.

The oldest girl's shawl is coming along, the colors remind me of a stormy morning, so that is the theme of it. I am still working on the lace border design for it. I might have to spin up some gray wool/dyed mohair/angelina blend I have here for the final color in it.

Sunday, December 02, 2007

I have finally started working on Christmas presents, I know it is already December and I have 4 hand spun/hand knit presents to make. I am making my oldest daughter a shawl out of hand spun yarn by a pattern I am working on writing. My other daughter will get a skien of hand spun yarn, my son will be getting a pair of hand spun/hand knit gloves out of some llama that he helped me shear this summer and my husband will be getting a hand spun/hand knit hat out of mohair. I still have to wash the llama and mohair for those two projects. So, wish me the best of luck to get everything done on time.