Wednesday, August 25, 2004

I finished the entrelac infants hat from Lorraine Major, that I was working on, to go with the evolved baby sweater. Right now I'm trying to decide what to do about the blanket, that I plan to make to go with them. I was going to use some bias knit squares I have...but they just don't seem to go with the sweater and hat. So I'm thinking about ripping them out and redoing the blanket in either entrelac or just stripes. I would love suggestions on that. Pics of the hat and sweater are in the gallery under Charity Knitting.

Now to decide what my next project will be, another baby set or should I work on the Christmas stocking for the swap on SpeakEasySocks... I also have to work on Bob's socks and finish fixing Jenny's...lots of knitting and then there is the spinning to do. I have to get my MIL's hat done before the end of September when she is coming to visit, so that I can give it to her. I spun the yarn for it two years ago and haven't gotten it knitted yet :(

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