Tuesday, August 24, 2004

I got $20 from my MIL for my birthday! I knew what I wanted to get with it, but had to get Bob to let me use his credit card to order it. I wanted a spindle from The Bellwether, by Cascade Spindles called Little Si. He gave me permission to order it last Wednesday and it got here on Saturday evening. The whorl is made out of maple with a birch shaft and it weighs 29 grams/1.02 ounces! She sent me some roving from Crosspatch Creations called Lucy in Starlight to try. I love both the spindle and the fiber. I would love to get more of the fiber to use.

I finished the evolved baby sweater that I was doing, then started an entrelac hat to go with it. I'm having a few problems on the hat, but I will work it out. I got Jenny's socks done, then realized that the leg was going to be to tight for her to wear them. So I had to rip the legs out and redo them. I have one redone and will get to the other one tomorrow. I started swatching for socks for Bob and had to go down to a US 00, so will wait a bit and see if I can relax enough to be able to use a US 0, for them as that is the smallest I have in circs, since I like doing his 2s2c as they are so large.

Starting on Wednesday, last week, for 4 days straight we worked on the walks around the house. We got the framing, fill and roadbase done. The topsoil is in the flower beds and half the walks are completely done with rock. We have the front and back patio areas and the walk going around the north end of the house to put rock in. Jenny and I got half the front patio done this morning, but it is a large area and we are still tired from all the hard work. Planted the Trumpet vine on the north end of the front wall, purple fountian grass in the bed south of the front patio and the other vine I had on the south wall of the house. I put pictures of what we have gotten done in my gallery.

Bob let me bid on some daylilies on ebay over the weekend and I won 5 of the 6 I wanted. We are going to make the daylily bed out away from the southeast corner of the house, so that I can enjoy it from where my swing is or any of the windows in my bedroom. I will post pics of them when I get the bed made and the plants in. They won't bloom until next spring, but this will allow them to get settled in before winter.

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