Wednesday, July 28, 2004

I finished the sleeves on the Dumb Baby Sweater. Got the body back on the needle and started working on it again. I'm hoping to have it done by the weekend, so that I can have the needles to start a Christmas stocking. I'm wanting to try beaded knitting on the stocking, I'm thinking about a simple star pattern for it.

I have the Silja socks cast on and started working up the toes of them. I'm doing the 2s2c, so that I can get them done and get back to mine. I have so much yarn to knit into socks for me, by the time I get it all done, I'll have a pair for each day of the week, with extras :) Some are commercial yarns, but some will be out of handspun.

I haven't felt up to spinning lately, but got my Nina spindle fixed. The hook came out and got lost. My son found it half way across the house from where I was at when it happened. My SO glued it in with super glue, I'm hoping it will stay this time.

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