Tuesday, May 30, 2006

I finished sock one of the all-over cable pair for Bob!!! I will be casting on sock two today and seeing how far I can get, but first I need to get some weeding done. I also started to cast on for a gauge swatch for me, with the Fortissima Colori Disco I bought last summer. I'm hoping that I can get a nice gauge with this set of needles, then I can knit both at one time.

We have decided that we need to make a flower garden around all the trees, the one that we did that too earlier this spring is doing better than the other one of the same type, that we put in at the same time. So one of my chores right now is to design the new bed around that old tree and some other plants that we have in the area. We are also working on digging out the dry creek and redoing it, so have to finish hauling off the dirt from that.

Monday, May 22, 2006

Well, I'm still trying to get that first sock done. Maybe now that the temps are in the 90's during the day I can get more knitting time again. Can'tdo much outside between 8am and 8pm, as it is to hot to be outside. We haven't finished the veggie garden, probably won't get anything planted this year now.

Bob got me 6 lilac bushes for Mother's Day from him and the kids. We put 5 up front along the dividing line between the two acres and the other one in the backyard. There are two single pinks, two double purples and two double whites. I'm looking forward to them growing and blooming. According to the information on them, I will have to wait two to three years for blooms, but it should be worth it.

The new flooring looks nice. The walls in the livingroom and hall are a creamy yellow, in the diningroom they are a medium blue on the bottom and the yellow on top. We choose a melony orange for the accent color. The rooms look very inviting and cheerful.