Sunday, December 04, 2005

Here it is December and I haven't been able to post like I want. So here are updates on all the projects I had on the needles and have started since the last time I posted.

I finally finished the poncho! It took 3 months to knit but is done and ready to go to my granddaughter. I hope she likes it.

Jesse's socks are on hold until he gets time to try them on, so that I can make sure that they fit. He isn't living here at now, as he got a job in another town and can only come over on his day off.

I knitted 3 pairs of slippers this past week. One for me, out of WoolEase Chunky in the charcoal colorway, one for Jenny out of WoolEase Chunky in Walnut with charcoal toes and the third pair was for Sandy out of some Red Heart worsted weight.

I'm trying to work on socks for Bob, but don't feel that good so not getting that far on them. These will be 8" high, so that he can wear them in his work boots. Trying to decide if I want to rib the whole sock or just 3" at the top.