Tuesday, July 20, 2004

I finished the evolved baby sweater, you can see pics of it in my gallery. Since that is finished, I decided to start working on my socks again. I had the first one almost done, so finished it and started the second one. I am working on the heel of it, so should be done by the end of the week, if life doesn't get in the way.
I got all the debris pulled out from under the mesquite trees in the front yard, now to just get it all out of the road and in the vacant lot. We trimmed up the trees, taking out dead branches and ones the are/would rub others to make them healther. Soon I will be able to plant the Red Bird of Paradise, Caesalpina pulcherrima. It is an arid climate plant with real pretty blooms and will help attract humming birds and butterflies to the garden. I'm collecting rocks from the area, to use for a pond. The one area of it will be 1-2" deep for the birds and butterflies to use, then I will have a deeper area that will have a fountian. I will use one of the rubber pond liners for the shallow area, but haven't decided how we will build the deeper area.

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