Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Updates on my Christmas Knitting

Well, with the heat I had to put Vkandis away for a bit. He was just getting to big and heavy to have in my lap in 90+ temps. Will pull him out when it starts to cool down again. I'm on Chart 9 out of the 14, so have made some progress since my last post about him.

Mystic Waters is coming along, realized that there are 9 charts not the 7 I originally thought there were. I have finished three of them and just started the fourth. I had a minor problem, not knowing what the finished shawl looked like, I had to stop and ask for help on row 185, but found out that it was correct and was able to continue.

Mystic Meadows is coming along slowly. I'm on row 67 out of 425. I finally got some pics of the yarn and the first part of it.

I'm going to use the merino/silk/cashmere yarn that I got for my b-day for the MS4 KAL. I have some silver-lined alabaster beads in size 8/0 that will work for it.


Mommabear7@sbcglobal.net said...

Wow Betty you do beautiful work, I envy you too much!!! God Bless huggs marion

Frey-ja said...

I love your yarn color! I almost thought of changing from green-green/red to orange-pink. My supplies are in the mail so maybe next time.