Friday, June 22, 2007

Well, the Shetland shawl is on hold...ran out of the yarn for it. But when I get more primitive Shetland roving, I will spin it and finish the shawl. In the mean time, I cast on the Wildfoote Elderberry yarn for me a pair of summer socks. I choose the 8-stitch pattern Arrow from _Sensational Socks_ for them, as it works with the yarn. I decided to try an new method of knitting socks, doing each one on dpns, but both at the same time, work on one to a set point, then work on the other one to that point, working back and forth between the socks, to see if I can prevent SSS.

Still waiting on the MS3 to start and trying to decide what pattern to use for the Spun Stitches shawl.

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