Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Well, I had to rethink the socks. The yarn is just to busy for any kind of pattern stitch, so they will be just plain stockinette. I will use that stitch pattern for another pair of socks, later.

I finally decided on the pattern for the Spun Stitches shawl. I choose the Barbara Shawl by Jeanie Townsend. It is working up quickly and looks nice with the yarn. I'm looking forward to having it, for early mornings when it is a bit nippy.

I am also working on the shawl out of the Chocolate Covered Cherries fiber, it is a thick/thin, bulky weight yarn, that I spun while learning how to spin on my Babe Pinkie wheel.

I am still waiting for the yarn and beads for the MS3. The first shipment of yarn got lost in transit :( and now the color I want is on back order. We are hoping that the first box shows up so I can get my yarn.

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