Sunday, June 10, 2007

Well, I finally got the heel flap done, the heel turned and the gussets picked up and the gusset decreases done on the second colorwork sock. Now to just get the foot and toe done and I will be done with that pair. I have enough yarn to make me one more pair of socks and four more pairs for Bob, so won't be out of knitting for a bit.

I am almost out of processed fiber, so my spinning is at a stand still, except for the fiber I have on spindles. I need to pull those out and get to work on that Spring colorway again, I really want to get it done and the shawl pattern decided, so that I can get it on the needles.

As to getting my fiber processed, that is on hold for now, as there just isn't the money to pay shipping on it. So, I will see what can be spun from the locks and set that aside to use and the rest will be put away, until there is extra money.

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