Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Well, yesterday the lady that is giving me the buck, offered me his wether pen companion, also. I agreed as I like his color and he will make a nice addition to the herd. He is a reverse badger with white markings. I will be getting the front goat, Hawkeye, and the one on the right, Yazzie, for my herd.
From My goats
I finished the gloves for Sandy. They are nice and thick, so her hands should stay warm when she walks in the cold weather. They are out of Wonderland Dye Works fiber, in the Aurora colorway made with Border Leicester wool. They should last her a long time if she takes care of them.
From Finished Proj...

Now maybe I can get back to knitting on my socks, as well as spinning and having fun with my wheel. I got out my newest spindle last night and gave it a test spin, with Berries, another colorway from Wonderland Dye Works. The spindle is really nice and spins beautifully, it is light and well balanced, perfect for my lace weight spinning.

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