Monday, January 01, 2007

Got busy and haven't had time to update, so here goes. First, we got the snowflakes blocked and up, they looked real nice. We didn't get the mini stockings done, but will finish them for next year. I'm on the heel flap of my sock, but doing the colorwork on it is slowing me down. I spent some time playing with my new wheel and got some merino spun on it the other day.

I cast on a hat for Bob last night, it is by a pattern that I'm developing, so can't say anything else about it right now. I am trying to get it done tonight, so that he can take it with him. I cast on to swatch for another pair of long socks for him. I have enough yarn in the stash for 3 pairs of short socks for him as well.

As for Christmas presents, besides the wheel, I got a stereo, a set of Susan Bates sock needles, a pan, $40, 4 long sleeve shirts and a pair of pants. I also got some candy and bath stuff. I spent the money on a scale to weigh fiber with, a small basket to keep projects in (I have 3 now) and other things for me.

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