Sunday, September 19, 2004

I finished the evolved baby sweater two days ago! I just got time to post about it, there is a pic in the gallery, in the Charity knitting album. I have a Surplice Baby Jacket on the needles now, it is cream, rose cream (a light dusty rose) and dark brown. If it fits my granddaughter and she likes it, I'm going to let her have it, as it is getting a bit cool in the mornings.

I started my MIL's hat and have 4" done and about 5" more to go! I am hoping to have it done by Friday. She will be here Saturday afternoon and I want to be able to give it to her then.

We have been working on weeding the yard. The area north from the front patio and drive to the mid-line of the lot, and from the front edge of the trailer out to the road is DONE! Now to start on the south side that matches that. Then will come the "bird garden" area. We have decided to put a 32' X 24' grass area there with a pond and fountian in it.

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