Wednesday, September 15, 2004

I started another Evolved Baby Sweater last night, got the body done, now to cast on and do the bodice. I did a band of colorwork in the body, the main color is a pinky cream with a dark rose pink for the contrasting color. The bodice will be the dark rose pink, as I ran out of the pinky cream.

I am now swatching for my MIL's hat. I spun the yarn 2 years ago and sent her a sample for Christmas. I told her to choose what she wanted me to knit out of it, she decided on a hat. So, now I need to get that done before she gets here to visit on the 25th of September. The yarn is real fine and I'm using a US size 2, I hope that is small enough. The yarn is a single ply of white BFL and a single ply of dusty rose silk.

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