Sunday, November 05, 2006

I got the first sock done, it turned out to long in the foot, but fits Jenny, so she gets this pair. They fit everywhere else, so I will follow the same stitch/row gauge for the next pair, but make the foot shorter. She is working on a pair that is to tight around for her, but fits me, so I get them. They are short summer socks, so will have to put them away for now.

Billy and I got the driveway cleared! Here are pics of the driveway. The first one is looking north along it, the second is looking south along it. The white building is our well house.
Jenny has been helping me on the flowerbed, it is almost done. Then I have to plant the 30 canna lilies I got from a friend. They will be spread out through all 4 of the main beds and I might have to put some up in one of the beds by the house.

I'm still working on Christmas decorations, 71 thread snowflakes, 5 yarn snowflakes and 8 bells done. Still have at least 10 more bells and more yarn snowflakes to do, maybe more thread snowflakes as well. Thinking about some origami cranes to go on the tree, have to talk to Bob about that.

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