Wednesday, September 03, 2008


I decided since I couldn't knit, I would pull out some fiber and spin to help me to relax. I am spindle spinning some and spinning some on my Babe Pinkie.

I was given 4 ounces of a kid mohair/merino blend called "King Neptune" by Gypsy Girl Creations. It has blues, purples, greens and white in it and is spinning up really fine on my Wagon Wheel Spindle by Mommabear7.

The second fiber that I'm working on is some chocolate Shetland/Corrie blend from MikelsWool. I'm spinning this up on the Pinkie wheel, trying to get a fine lace weight yarn for the Mystic Earth KAL by Anna Dalvi of Knit & Knag.

I have other spindles and need to work on spinning up a couple of batts that I did of Shetland/mohair. I will use this for the thumbs of a pair of mittens I started last winter for my dh.

2 comments: said...

awwwww thanks for mentioning my spindles! Glad to hear your still gonna use that pinky!!! Huggs Marion

GoldenTracks said...

Betty, Hello to you and the goats!
Hope the move isn't making you crazy. Been missing your blog posts.
I tagged you. Read about it on my blog.

Have fun