Monday, June 23, 2008


I finally got a chance to take pictures.

First there is Mystic Waters:
This is at the end of Chart A, there are a total of 8 charts for it.

Then there is Vkandis Sunlord:
This is just a small section of Vkandis, as he is to big to spread out on my needles anymore. I'm working on chart 7 out of 14, plus there is an optional knitted on border which I'm planning on doing.

Then Mystic Light:
I finished this one, but it isn't blocked yet, due to not having blocking wires. It is out of Berroco Comfort Sock a 50% acrylic/50% nylon yarn. I love the way it worked up and feels. I will have to steam block it when I get the blocking wires.

Then my scarf:
This is out of Paton's SWS, that I got while out with my dh. He bought me two skeins of it and I'll have to get a third to finish the scarf. This section is 20" long using one skein. I want to make the scarf 60" long. I'll get a solid color and put that in between the two skeins I have of the stripes.

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Wow !!! Your Awsome!! Love the pic and your beautiful work! Thanks for shareing with all. huggs Marion