Friday, April 04, 2008

Well...we got denied for that manufactured home, they wanted more down than we could afford. So we are trying to get another one. Things have been slow on getting the survey and site work done due to two deaths in the family of the contractor :( He is finally able to get back to work on things for us.

Now on to knitting! I frogged the Dracula's Bride shawl, it just wasn't that nice and was a very hard pattern to do. Maybe someday when I have LOTS of free time and quiet, I'll try it again. Until then, I'll put the pattern away. I finished Hint 3 of the Secret of the Stole II :) I have a new shawl pattern on the needles, it is Vkandis Sunlord. I'm beta test knitting it for the designer Mmario, it will be available on his Yahoo Group, MmarioKknits tonight. I'm using the bright orange cotton yarn on size 6 needles and it is going to be HUGE. I'm only on row 60 and it is already one and a half feet across UNBLOCKED, he is figuring 300 rows. :) Jenny has claimed this one, but told me I could knit me one out of the same yarn. I might but bead it. :) So that they are slightly different from each other.

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