Sunday, March 16, 2008

I got Hint 2 of the Secret of the Stole II done! Now to get to work on Hint 3. I'm so far behind on it, but life seems to like to interfere with my lace knitting. Dracula's Bride is sitting here waiting for me to put it back on the needles, as I had to rip back to the lifeline at the end of clue 1. Thankfully I always run a lifeline at the end of a section of chart, that has been my lifesaver so many times.

It looks like the move will happen this spring! We are going to start the paperwork to buy the new mobile home this week. On Tuesday we will be talking to the person we are getting the land from and having them start the process of getting it surveyed, the site map drawn up and permits applied for. So, things are starting to come together for us.

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