Friday, October 12, 2007

Finally got the Chocolate Covered Cherried shawl washed and blocked! Here is a pic of it blocked and ready to use.I will be taking it with me on the trip this month.

I was planning on just taking yarn for 3 pairs of socks and make myself work on them, but Bob got me some new sock yarn. It is in fall colors and is screaming at me to cast it on and make a pair of socks. :) I think the problem is that most of my yarn has/is blues and grays, with touches of green, so I was tired of those colors, I'm hoping that after this pair I can go back to the other yarns and get them made up. I really need the socks.

I'll try to keep my blog up while I'm traveling around the country in the truck. Posting about my adventures and who I manage to get to visit.

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