Friday, September 22, 2006

I got Sabino's fiber washed, ended up with about 3 pounds of it. Now to start spinning it up, I know that Bob wants socks from some...I'll see what else gets made out of it. I still have Frio to do, that will be tomorrow.

I'm still working on Bob's second sock of the chained ribbed pair, on the foot finally. Still working on crocheted snowflakes, 67 done and a lot more to go. I'm also working on crocheted bells, 3 done on them. I want enough of the bells done to hang from the ceiling fan in the livingroom and light fixture in the diningroom. Jenny is making a tree skirt and crocheted bells out of worsted weight yarn. I'm using crochet thread for mine, so we will end up with two sized of them. I will also make some worsted weight snowflakes.

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