Sunday, April 30, 2006

I'm still working on Bob's cabled socks. I'm on the foot of the first one, and still have about 2" to go before starting the toe decreases. I haven't had much time to knit with spring here and yard work to do.

I'll be having even less for a while as we are getting new flooring on May 15th! We are having laminate flooring put in the diningroom, hall and entry area and new carpet put in the livingroom. So I'm trying to get everything ready to be moved out of that part of the house and make sure that all the touch up is done on the walls, doors and anything else that needs to be painted first.

We put in grapes this spring, now to see how they will do. This area does have vineyards, so I know that grapes do grow here. We got both Thompson seedless and Flame seedless, 3 of each kind. We are also working on putting in a raised bed for a veggie garden, have the sides about done, just have to add the soil. Then comes the fun of buying and planting the veggies we want in it.

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