Thursday, February 23, 2006

I got the first sock done of the Knitting Olympic pair done, the cables turned out really nice. My DH loves them and is looking forward to me getting the pair done for him. The second pair is about to visit the frog pond, I'm not happy with the fabric, it seems to soft and open to me and I don't think it will wear well. Since this pair is for my son, and he doesn't seem to mind waiting, I would rather make them where they will last than just continue on with them like they are.

I got the yarn for my granddaughter's skirt, it is Red Heart Plush in Wine. This is a velour type yarn, so I will choose a simple stitch pattern for it. The color is kind of a purplish red, but is real pretty and I think she will like it. I haven't swatched yet, but the label calls for a size 8 needle! I think I might end up using a size 4 as the yarn seems to be more a sport weight than worsted weight. I will definitely swatch to find the right size.

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