Wednesday, August 17, 2005

I went to Unravel Yarn Shop and Gallery in Las Cruces on Friday. I spent 4 hours there, looking at yarn, fiber and talking to the owners. Bob got me some sock yarn and Jenny some yarn for a poncho. I also bought a lucet with part of my b-day money from my MIL.

While I was there I worked on my "Grab and Go Bag." It is a bag that I designed myself, I wanted something that I could carry a small project in and my wallet, sunglasses, keys and cellphone in. Most of the bag patterns didn't have what I wanted, so I decided to design one that did. Right now the pattern is being test knitted by some friends, when that is done it will be for sale.

On Friday while we were out of town, they got RAIN here. Our yard was flooded and you could hardly see the wet pond. I'll post pics of the flood when I find where they are on the puter.

I have been working on the "park" some more. We decided to make it a dry creek, so that when it rains there will be some place for the water to go. We added more plants to the area and decided where we want grass to be. I have to add some more dirt to finish building up some areas and contouring the land so the water runs where we want it to. We added two dry ponds to the end of the creek as catch basins. Got a water lily for the wet pond at the head of the dry creek.

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