Friday, June 04, 2004

My ex husband gave me some of Brown Sheep's Wildfoote Handpaint sock yarn for Mother's Day. I got 2 skiens each of the "Rock and Roll" and "Bluegrass" colorways. I made the "Rock and Roll" up using a slip stitch ribbing on the instep and leg with a short row toe and heel. You can see pics of them here. I love the way they fit.

I'm working on the "Bluegrass" colorway right now and doing a simple k3, p2 ribbing up the instep and leg, again with short row toe and heel. I'm on the heel of the first one of the pair. I'll post pics of them when they are done.

I got the yarn today to start the June sock for the Whenever list. The pattern was given to the list by the designer, so that we could use up yarn in our stash. I didn't have any light color yarn for it, so made a trade with another list member to get some. I will swatch for those tonight and get them started, so that I have something to work on at night.

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