Sunday, December 09, 2007

Well...I had a couple of changes to my to do for Christmas list. The younger daughter is getting a hand knit shawl, but out of some cotton yarn by a pattern she signed up for and found out it was way over her head. My son's gloves will be out of some hand spun yarn that a friend gave me a few years ago, he has one pair out of it that he calls his "gaming" gloves as they have no fingertips. This pair will have fingertips, to keep his hands warm while outside doing chores.

The oldest girl's shawl is coming along, the colors remind me of a stormy morning, so that is the theme of it. I am still working on the lace border design for it. I might have to spin up some gray wool/dyed mohair/angelina blend I have here for the final color in it.

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