Thursday, September 20, 2007

Let's see, I finished the Chocolate Covered Cherries shawl, but still have to wash and block it. I'm on the third side with the knitted on border of the square shawl, I'm doing out of acrylic yarn. I am finally on the feet of Bob's socks. I think that takes care of all my projects, that I've had on the needles all summer. :)Now on to some new things.

I got three fleeces Saturday, a shetland fleece that the tag says is tan, but is washing up white/gray/tan, the spring shearing of the Navajo Angora buck I got and the spring shearing of the wether I also got. The bucks fleece is mostly white with some gray in it, the wether's fleece is mainly black with some white. I will be washing them up and spinning them this fall/winter. Right now I'm working on washing up the shetland fleece, flicking it and spinning it from the locks.

I signed up for two KALs, Secret of the Stole and Secret of Chrysopolis, both Yahoo groups. The first one takes 1200 yards of lace weight yarn in a natural color plus beads, the second one takes about 1600 METERS or about 1800 yards of lace weight yarn in a solid color. I don't know what yarn, I'm going to use for them at this time.

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